Larphoid Apps

Score points by hitting the block in the top of the screen. Guide the ball by tilting your device. But don't tilt forward to much, as it is possible to receive a negative amount of points.
Be smart and find a strategy that yields more points.

This is a game for two players.
Both players alternately put a stone above the platform until the tower collapses !
The last player that put down a stone when the tower collapses, will loose that round.
No more space to put a stone above the platform ? Now it gets realy tricky...

Bezier 3d Live Wallpaper
The name says it all. A live wallpaper with Bezier curves and other effects.
You'll just have to try and see/...

Easy to use camera, including self-timer, level and height/distance meter. Camera always starts with settings for best quality pictures.
Settings that will be saved:
- Quality and size of thumbnail
- Geotag on/off
- Level on/off
- Eye-height of height/distance meter

With Trackoid you can save information about a route you have travelled, and review it later. For example, the distance travelled, distance between start and endpoint. The average speed. A speed chart including min. and max. speed. View the route. 'Track' a location within the route, so you can go back to that location. Useful for example for joggers or bikers who want to review information.

NOTE: the use of GPS can drain the battery faster than normal.

The name says it all. Pinball game.
Just play it !

High scores can be uploaded to see your standing compared to other players.

Droid Slinger
The goal of this game is simple. Let Andrio fly as far as possible !
Move the device to make Andrio swing around and speed him up. When you think he has enough speed, tap the screen and Andrio will let go of the rope and fly through the air !

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